Virtual Climer Cards are Here!

After six months in development, we are proud to release the brand new Virtual Climer Cards webapp.
Now, you can use Climer Cards in your virtual meetings, trainings, and online programs.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial here. 

After that prices start at just $5/month.

Creative images spark creative ideas.
Climer Cards are a deck of cards with hand-drawn pictures designed to evoke metaphors and imagination.

Climer Cards can be used in dozens of team activities. Used by facilitators, teachers, parents, therapists, and camp counselors alike, this deck of cards helps with team building activities, enhancing conversations, generating creative ideas, and dividing large groups into smaller clusters.

Watercolor paintings that led to Climer Cards

Creative Images

Images designed to evoke metaphors and imagination. Images were created from 52 hand-painted watercolor paintings by Amy Climer. Use for teambuilding activities, enhancing conversations, and generating creative ideas.

Number side of Climer Cards

Grouping Tool

On the front side, each card has a number, shape, and color. Use these to divide large groups into smaller clusters, play teambuilding games, or even teach math.


Washable & Durable

Climer Cards are made of 100% PVC. Dirt, mud, or mac & cheese from the dinner table? No problem, just apply soap and water to clean. Designed to be durable and can handle heavy use.

Climer Cards Around the World

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Climer Cards inspire engaging conversations and creative insights

People across cultures and of all ages love Climer Cards. Lead your team, students, or family to deeper conversations with a simple, powerful deck of cards. Creative images offer hundreds of ways to use. Directions included or invent your own activities!

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