Unleash the Power of

Collaboration & Creativity

Climer Cards enhance group interactions, spark creativity, and foster deeper communication through unique, metaphor-inspired imagery.

Transform Ordinary Interactions

into Meaningful Experiences

Do you and your teams struggle to facilitate productive meetings?

Are you tired of cringey ice-breaker exercises that deliver uninspired results and missed creative opportunities? Is your collective creative energy blocked, hindering innovation?

If you’re ready to spark real creativity, enhance dialogue, and foster deeper connections, then you need Climer Cards.

Through their visually stimulating, unique design, Climer Card’s engaging images inspire storytelling and metaphorical thinking.

Perfect for educators, facilitators, coaches, teams, and therapists, Climer Cards are the key to transforming group dynamics and producing a more interactive, creative, and cohesive experience.

Everyone Loves Climer Cards

You could use Climer Cards for just about anything to get people talking! I’ve used them in dyads, triads, small groups, and, if the group is small enough, as a full group. Climer Cards rock!

Angela Prestil
Credit Union National Association (CUNA)

Climer Cards are my new favorite tool for facilitation!! From adults in personal development classes, teenagers in reflection activities, and children in imagination-based play – all ages resonate with the images!

Katie T. Larson
Transform U

From board rooms to classrooms, I use the Climer Card images to open the doorway to people’s imaginations and hearts, drawing out stories that make us laugh and others that can move people to tears.

Jennifer Wilson
Consultant, Facilitator, Coach, Author

Climer Cards

A set of 52 cards with unique watercolor images, designed to enhance group conversations through metaphors, leading to more meaningful dialogue and creative idea generation.

Climer Cards 2

Similar to the original, the Climer Cards 2 deck offers 52 new images and includes emotion words in three languages on the reverse side for deeper emotional exploration.

Climer Cards Platform

A digital version of Climer Cards, offering virtual access to several decks for engaging online group interactions, ideal for remote teamwork, e-learning, and digital workshops.

Why Choose Climer Cards?

Enhancing Every Interaction

Climer Cards uniquely elevate group dynamics, sparking creativity, deepening understanding, and strengthening collaboration.

Drive Collaboration

Climer Cards stimulate deeper, more collaborative discussion within groups, encouraging teamwork and collective problem-solving

Increase Engagement

By introducing a visual and interactive element, these cards keep participants more involved and attentive in group sessions.

Creative Inspiration

Our cards act as a catalyst for innovative thinking and brainstorming, overcoming creative blocks, and fostering new ideas.

Highly Adaptable

Ideal for a range of settings, including educational, therapeutic, team-building, and personal development, providing versatile applications.

Who Needs Climer Cards?

Climer Cards Are Perfect For…


Enhancing engagement in classrooms, aiding in teaching abstract concepts through visual metaphors.


Enriching workshops and group discussions, promoting deeper conversation and interaction.


Supporting personal and professional development sessions, helping clients express emotions and goals.

Corporate Teams

Improving team-building and brainstorming, fostering collaboration and innovative thinking in a corporate environment.


Facilitating emotional
expression and understanding in therapy and councling sessions.

Event Organizers

Promoting authentic interaction and networking among attendees at events and conferences.

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