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What Are Climer Cards?

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Creative images spark creative ideas.

Climer Cards are a deck of cards with hand-drawn pictures designed to evoke metaphors and imagination.

Used by facilitators, teachers, parents, therapists, and camp counselors alike, the cards help with team building activities, enhancing conversations, and generating creative ideas.

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Climer Cards are now virtual! With the Climer Cards Platform you can use Climer Cards (and other decks of cards) in online meetings, trainings, webinars to engage your audience. Works with any virtual video conferencing tool (e.g. Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangout). 

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The images were created from 52 hand-painted watercolor paintings by Dr. Amy Climer and were designed to evoke metaphors and imagination. Use for team building activities, enhancing conversations, and generating creative ideas.

On the front side, each card has a number, shape, and color. Use these to divide large groups into smaller clusters, play team-building games, or even teach math.

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What Customers Say

Climer Cards are my go-to resources for reflection purposes. They are so beautiful and capture the essence of many thoughtful sharing moments.

Mark Collard

Professional Facilitator

Climer Cards are a great resource for getting people to talk about experiences they have had. The cards also have an awesome sorting function for randomly getting people into different groups. I have used them with many different age groups in lots of different settings.

Philip Bramley

Adventure Director

Climer Cards are an indispensable tool for my business and personal life. I use them to help teams and executives access their creativity as well as for a number of team-building activities. In my personal life, I pull them out when I’m stuck on a problem and just want to create some alternatives for myself. They are beautiful, inspiring AND very cost effective. I have one pack in my bag at all times. I have three sets and plan to buy more!

Doug Hensh

ICF Coach and Author of Positively Resilient

I use these cards in my practice as a family therapist. One of my favorite stories is when a young child in the family picked up the cactus picture and said “My daddy is like this”. The dad had no idea that he was so “prickly” . The metaphor was a powerful one that stuck with him. These cards open conversation, let people form their own explanations of how they are feeling, and help all group members see different perspectives. Highly recommended!!!

Sarah Shatz

social worker and family therapist

These cards are terrific! I purchased them to use as an introductory ice breaker during training sessions. My audiences tend to be a diverse mixture of cultures and personalities and the cards have allowed group members to begin to see similarities amongst those in attendance. The cards also offer interesting ways to divide groups into sub-groups for different levels of activities and I’ve found that they save a lot of time. They were definitely a huge hit with the trainees in my most recent session in Nigeria! They were such a big hit that the people wanted to keep them! It was a struggle to get them all back before the training ended!!


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Climer Cards Around the World

Map showing 45 counties where Climer Cards have been used.

Get a Deck of Climer Cards

This simple deck of cards has an amazing potential to transform conversations in groups. Using the power of metaphors, with the cards people tend to share more leading to more sincere, meaningful dialogue. They can also be used to generate creative ideas. Each deck includes

  • 52 images based on watercolor paintings by Amy Climer
  • Grouping tool to mix large groups into smaller groups
  • Directions for how to use – get creative with endless variations
  • Printed, durable cardboard box

Climer Cards are printed on high quality coated paper, just like a nice deck of playing cards. The colors are gorgeous! They have been used on all seven continents and by many cultures around the world. All images are watercolors paintings by Amy Climer.

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