Beyond the Deck

The Climer Cards Story

How a simple deck of cards harnessed the transformative power of metaphors, inviting participants to share their ideas in a more profound and meaningful way.

Climer Cards are incredible! They offer a magical entryway into what’s swimming around in that beautiful brain of yours.

Brenda Uekert
Financial Coach

I want to give a shout out for Climer Cards as an awesome tool you can use if you work with groups or teams and need something super fun and creative to keep participants engaged.

Darcy Luoma
Master Certified Coach & Facilitator

I carry my Climer Cards with me whenever I am presenting a workshop. They are the perfect companion for a facilitator.

Nick Palkowski
Virtual Event Production Manager

From Awkward to Authentic

We’ve all been in those awkward moments at networking events or team-building offsites, where traditional icebreakers make people feel more on edge than welcomed. 

The competition for the best answer or the discomfort of being put on the spot can stifle genuine interaction. As a facilitator working with large groups, I was searching for a better way to create a safe environment where participants can let down their guard and authentically share.

The Session That Changed Everything

One day, during an intense group session, I used some hand-drawn images I had been working on to defuse the tension and shift the mood. Each participant chose an image that resonated with their feelings about the activity. This simple exercise transformed the atmosphere, leading to authentic and deep sharing among the group.

This experience was a revelation, and with a friend’s encouragement, the concept of Climer Cards took shape. When I received my first shipment in June 2012, I was eager to see the impact they would have. The response was overwhelming. From classrooms to dinner tables, Climer Cards were sparking meaningful conversations and connections. I was amazed at the diverse ways they were being used and the profound impact they had.

The Climer Cards Platform

In 2020, we launched the Climer Cards Platform, a digital tool that allows the Climer Cards experience to thrive in virtual settings, making online meetings and training sessions more engaging and interactive.


Simple Idea

Used In



By Over



Helping Over



Across the Globe

Since their inception, Climer Cards have found their way into 55 countries, used by thousands of facilitators, touching hundreds of thousands of participants. The journey of Climer Cards, from a simple idea to a globally used tool, has been incredibly rewarding, and I am deeply grateful for the impact they continue to have.

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