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Bonding Strangers

I used Climer Cards for a university group as a debriefing tool for the end of our high ropes course session. This group was the new freshman orientation staff for their university and were just getting to know one another. They had just been moving across wires and through obstacles together in teams of four individuals of all different backgrounds. Some had been on high ropes courses before, others were afraid of heights, but everyone completed the course.

The cards were displayed out on a small platform with instructions for everyone to select a card that corresponded with their experience on our high ropes course. I had the group sit down and opened the discussion for each person to describe why they chose their selected card and how the card and their experience on the ropes course relates to their program as orientation staff of their university.

The stories overflowed from so many young adults and the cards opened up the discussion in such a creative and unique way. The bonds that were forged during their high ropes experience were reinforced by the cards and the stories and encouragements that arose from them. The camaraderie was apparent by the end of their debrief and the Climer Cards were the avenue to open up and complete the experience. This is why I love what I do!


Program Coordinator, YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly


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