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Climer Cards are printed on high quality coated paper, just like a nice deck of playing cards. The colors are gorgeous! They come with a plastic storage box.

What’s in the deck?

This simple deck of cards has amazing potential to transform conversations in groups. Using the power of metaphors, with the cards people tend to share more leading to more sincere, meaningful dialogue. They can also be used to generate creative ideas.

Each Deck Includes:

  • 52 images based on watercolor paintings by Amy Climer
  • Grouping tool to mix large groups into smaller groups
  • Directions for how to use, plus get creative with endless variations
  • Clear plastic storage container

Climer Cards are printed on high quality coated paper, just like a nice deck of playing cards. The colors are gorgeous!

They have been used on all seven continents and by many cultures around the world. All images are watercolors paintings by Amy Climer.

Climer Cards Reference Guide (PDF Download)

Do you want a quick, colorful reference for how to use Climer Cards? The Climer Cards Quick Reference Guide is a simple tool that lists the most popular ways to use Climer Cards. Once you download it, just print it, laminate it, add a cord, and hang it up so your so your staff and colleagues can easily access it. It will make it even easier to use Climer Cards with your teams.

How to use:

Interested in learning how to use Climer Cards? Download the free ebook (bottom of the page) and visit the How to Use page.

Climer Card Customer Reviews:

“Great resource for facilitation. I use these with high school students, college students and we even bring them out at dinner time with my three year old. There are easy-to-follow instructions and ideas for games, and I’ve found that the format of the cards allow me to get creative as well and create my own activities. Highly recommended! Plus, they’re extremely portable.” – Sean

“I use Climer Cards with a wide variety of groups in diverse settings, from board rooms to classrooms. Recently, I used them for an opening activity for an eclectic group of caregivers for children with special needs. The group included grandparents, nurses, teachers, parents, aunts, and siblings, and ranged in age from 22 to 76. Each person was delighted with the images and had a unique story to tell in response to the question, “What are you grateful for in your life?” Some stories made us laugh, and others moved people to tears. I don’t think these stories would have emerged the same way without the Climer Card images to open the doorway to people’s imaginations and hearts.” – Jennifer Wilson, MA, Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

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Group Order? Get a Discount!

If you’re interested in purchasing 25 or more decks of Climer Cards, please contact to learn about our group discounts.

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Climer Cards Live Coaching Package

Do you want individualized coaching on how to use Climer Cards or need help designing/selecting team activities?  Sign up for a personal coaching call with Amy Climer. Feel free to invite a team member too.

Good for: designing team meetings or off-site planning retreats, getting advice on facilitation challenges,

Used by: facilitators, team leaders, managers, human resource professionals, learning and development professionals, counselors, coaches, and educators.

What you get:

  • 60-min live coaching call with Amy Climer via phone, Skype, or Google Hangout. Amy is the developer of Climer Cards and has over 20 years of experience designing and leading experiential team programs. She will provide you with input and feedback on how to use Climer Cards with your team and/or how to design your teambuilding experience. You lead the direction of the call with your questions and challenges.
  • One deck of Climer Cards (free shipping)
  • Climer Cards Reference Guide (PDF Download)

How it works:
Once you place your order your Climer Cards will ship within a day or two.  You will also receive an email with instructions on how to set up a coaching call with Amy. You can select a date/time what works best for you. Don’t see an option you like? No worries, just email us and we can see what other options are available.

Climer Cards Free Ebook

Download your free Climer Cards ebook packed with new team activities to use with your Climer Cards. You will also receive free monthly articles about creativity and teams, weekly podcast and blog posts, and occasional exclusive offerings.

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