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This simple deck of cards has an amazing potential to transform conversations in groups. Using the power of metaphors, with the cards people tend to share more leading to more sincere, meaningful dialogue. They can also be used to generate creative ideas. Each deck includes

  • Double-sided cards:
    • 52 images based on watercolor paintings by Amy Climer
    • Grouping tool to mix large groups into smaller groups
  • Directions for how to use – get creative with endless variations
  • Clear plastic storage container

Climer Cards are printed on high quality coated paper, just like a nice deck of playing cards. The colors are gorgeous! They have been used on all seven continents and by many cultures around the world.


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live coaching package

Do you want individualized coaching on how to use Climer Cards or need help designing your next virtual program? Sign up for a personal coaching session with Dr. Amy Climer. Feel free to invite a team member too.

Good for: designing team meetings or off-site planning retreats, getting advice on facilitation challenges, or working through tech issues for viftual programs. 

Used by: facilitators, team leaders, managers, human resource professionals, learning and development professionals, counselors, coaches, and educators.