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Climer Cards are my new favorite tool for facilitation!!

I have used them with adults in personal development classes, teenagers in reflection activities, and children in imagination-based play. All ages resonate with the images!

Recently, I worked with 18 year-olds who were applying to university. We used Climer Cards to represent three versions of themselves:

1) The “Me I show to others”
2) The “Me I do not show to others” and
3) The “Me I don’t know about yet”.

After the students chose their cards, they reflected on the various sides of themselves and how they could represent them in a college-entrance essay. But, obviously the cards elicited more than just self-awareness for an essay– it gave them genuine understanding of who they are during such a dynamic, meaningful time period in their lives. Many of the students thanked me for “opening their eyes to their Self” after the activity. These cards work wonders! I could not recommend these cards more!

If you are a teacher, facilitator, or anyone who works with helping others develop, now is the time to buy these cards– they will definitely return your investment the first time you use them!

Katie T. Larson

Transform U


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