Climer Cards 2

Climer Cards 2

Box of Climer Cards upright on table with cards scattered around. White background
A scattered pile of Climer Cards 2 cards.
Image of Climer Cards 2 Emotion words in a scattered pile

Climer Cards 2 are here!

This new deck will be two decks in one!

Each deck includes:

  • 52 new images based on watercolor paintings by Amy Climer. These will be similar in concept to the Original Climer Cards, but with all new images. You can combine the decks or use them separately.
  • The other side will be 52 emotion words in English, Spanish, and French. These are great for groups to answer the question, “how do you feel about ______?” It leads to more specific, accurate answers and better communication.
  • Directions for how to use – get creative with endless variations
  • Printed, durable cardboard box

Climer Cards are printed on high quality coated paper, just like a nice deck of playing cards. The colors are gorgeous!

Price: $29.95/deck