How to Use Climer Cards

Conversation Starters

Climer Cards are a great tool to help people move to a deeper level of conversation.
With Climer Cards…

  • Facilitators help participants share what they learned.
  • Parents use them to get kids talking about their day.
  • Social workers and counselors use them with clients to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences.
  • Teachers help students create connections in class.

The power of the cards are all in the question you pose. Below are some ideas.

Question Ideas

K-12 Educators
K-12 Educators
Randomly pass out cards or allow students to select from the deck. Ask each student to present a one-minute speech based on the card they chose. This gives students practice in public speaking and storytelling. To develop creative writing skills, give each student 3-4 cards and ask them to write a short, imaginary narrative or poem incorporating the images from their cards.
Corporate Trainers
Corporate Trainers
Towards the beginning of the workshop spread the cards out on a central table or open space. Ask each person to select a card that is a symbol or metaphor for what comes to mind when they hear the word/phrase _________. Insert the topic you are focusing on such as leadership, conflict resolution, communication, or employee engagement. Ask each person to share with the whole group or ask them to share in pairs. Use the conversation to engage people in the topic and lead into other related conversation.
Ropes Course Facilitators
Ropes Course Facilitators
At the end of the program spread the cards out on the ground, then ask each person to select a card that represents something they are proud of from the day.
Lay them out at the dinner table, ask everyone to select one card that represents something that happened that day.

Grouping People

Sometimes you want to mix up a large group into smaller groups, but don’t want people to just join their friends. Climer Cards makes that process fun and easy. Give each person a card. Ask everyone to find others in the room with the same shape, color, or number. Each deck includes:

  • 5 different shapes (groups of 10)
  • 10 numbers (groups of 5)
  • 6 colors (groups of 8-9)

You can also use for pairings, create smaller groups, or come up with new combinations.

How will you use Climer Cards?

About the Deck

Each set contains 52 creative images based on watercolor paintings by Amy Climer. Instructions and ideas for a variety of uses are included. Cards are the size of standard playing cards (3.5″ x 2.5″), made of PVC plastic, and come in a clear plastic box.

Want to learn more ways to use Climer Cards?
Download the free Climer Cards mini-eBook.

Climer Cards Reference Guide (PDF Download)

Do you want a quick, colorful reference for how to use Climer Cards? The Climer Cards Quick Reference Guide is a simple tool that lists the most popular ways to use Climer Cards. Once you download it, just print it, laminate it, add a cord, and hang it up so your so your staff and colleagues can easily access it. It will make it even easier to use Climer Cards with your teams.

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