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Opening Relationships

I recently got my license as a professional teacher here in the Philippines and started getting offering tutorial services. My first students were siblings and they needed to learn English because they are moving to US as soon as their visas get approved. I used Climer Cards to help me gauge their level of proficiency so I can design a program that suits them. I laid down the Climer Cards and asked them to each pick 10 cards. I then asked them to think of the people who reminds them of their chosen pictures and write about it. Surprisingly, I did not only get an assessment result, but also a personal perspective on the children’s relationship with their family members, especially with their mom. I showed it to their mother who was surprised as well. It soon created a positive change in how they treated each other. I realized, sometimes, it takes creativity to help people express themselves better so they can have better relationships. Thank you for Climer Cards. I’m looking forward on using them with my future students.

Sheila Ganzan

Professional Licensed Teacher, Philippines


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