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Personalizing Introductions

I use Climer Cards every time I do New Manager Orientation. I ask everyone to choose a card to use as part of their introduction sharing how the picture represents their view of their new role as a manager (they usually choose two or three). They love it and the introductions are so much more meaningful!

I also have every presenter throughout the program do the same thing – it provides a quick way for presenters to relate to the group and personalize their introduction while sharing a little bit of their management experience. Even our CEO participated and I loved that he chose the blank word bubble and the sign post. He said his job was to fill in those blanks and provide direction and then went on to say how he would do that! Powerful and personal! Our Human Resources Vice-President just asked to borrow the cards so he could use them with his new (remote) team because he liked them so much!

Lori Gibson

Learning & Organizational Development Partner, Meriter-UnityPoint Health


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