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Powerful Reactions

I’ve used Climer Cards to get people talking at the beginning, middle, and end of a training program and it has always worked beautifully. In fact, the last time I used them I actually had someone cry as they shared their thoughts, so they can be quite powerful!

Some of the presenting questions I have used:

  • Select an image that illustrates where you feel the company is right now.
  • Select an image that represents the company’s culture right now.
  • Select an image that illustrates how you feel about giving presentations.
  • Select an image that represents where you would like to take the company in the future.
  • Given what you know now, select an image that illustrates your role in creating the new culture for the company.

 I really think you could use the Climer Cards for just about anything to get people talking! I’ve used them in dyads, triads, small groups, and if the group is small enough then as a full group. Climer Cards rock! Thank you!

Angela Prestil

Credit Union National Association (CUNA)


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