Purchase Orders

If your organization requires the use of purchase orders, you are welcome to submit a purchase order for Climer Cards. Details for Virtual Climer Cards and the physical decks of Climer Cards are below.

If needed, here is Climer Consulting’s W9.

If needed, here is a sole source letter about Climer Cards.

Our Mailing Address: 
Climer Consulting, LLC
51 Harnett St. Suite 1
Asheville, NC 28806

Please submit your PO to christine@climerconsulting.com

POs for Virtual Climer Cards

If you would like to purchase Virtual Climer Cards via a PO, please fill out this form.

Purchase orders are available for year-long subscriptions at the Education or Enterprise Level.

The Education package is $500 per year for up to 75 teachers/facilitators.
The Enterprise package is $700 per year for up to 300 teachers/facilitators.

Visit the Virtual Climer Cards Pricing page for a detailed explanation of the different levels, as well as a video comparing the plans.

Once your PO is submitted we will send you an invoice. International orders require payment before the Virtual Climer Cards account will be activated.

POs for Climer Cards Decks

For purchase orders, there is a $200 minimum (equivalent to 8 decks of cards). If you want to order 25 or more decks, there is a 25% discount. Read below for directions on how to calculate your order cost with shipping. 

Once your PO is submitted we will send you an invoice. International orders require payment before the order will be shipped.

How to Calculate Your Order

The best way to calculate shipping and order costs is to go to climercards.com/buy-now/ and go through the process of placing an order, but don’t enter your credit card. It will show you the exact shipping charges for your location and quantity.

If you are ordering 25 or more decks, use the code 25OFF25 when calculating your cost.

Orders typically ship out within two days from North Carolina, USA.


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