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Climer Cards have been used by educators, facilitators, coaches, therapists, and parents to name a few. Here are a few stories of their experiences.

How Climer Cards were created

hand-painted watercolor paintings that later became Climer CardsOne day in October of 2011 I was facilitating a team building program. I had some hand-painted images that I laminated and used to debrief an activity. A friend of mine was the client and as we were transitioning to the next activity she said, “Amy, these are cool. You should do something with these.” I looked at her, a bit surprised, and said, “Really? You think so?” Her offhand comment was like the initial pedal of a bike, it got my wheels rolling and four months later I started my campaign to generate the funds I needed to get the Climer Cards professionally manufactured.

I was nervous about the Kickstarter campaign. What if it didn’t work? I had spent hours, hundreds of hours actually, researching how to get the cards printed, painting all new images, many of them multiple times until they passed approval of my partner who I dubbed “Quality Control”, talking with colleagues about names, prices, and all sorts of details. What if it failed? Well, I knew better than that.

I knew that if it failed it didn’t really matter. It was just time. It wasn’t like I really lost the time or energy. I had more. It’s not a finite resource. The process was fun. I loved the painting, refining each image until it worked. It was much more fun than watching tv. I enjoyed the feedback from colleagues about prototypes. If the Kickstarter campaign failed that would be excellent feedback that they just weren’t quite right or that my marketing wasn’t strong enough or … Failure was an option, but not necessarily a bad one. I know enough about the creative process to know how the fear of failure can impede even simple ideas. I moved forward and pushed “submit” on the Kickstarter website. Then, I watched and waited. Well, not exactly. Then I worked hard for 4 weeks to get the word out about Climer Cards. My first Backer was a colleague who gave $100. $100! What! I thought I would get tiny contributions like $5. In 2 weeks I got an email from someone telling me they wanted to order 8 decks of cards, a $200 contribution, but that wasn’t a choice on the Kickstarter campaign. I quickly added higher options and emailed them back. Then, to my shock the project exceeded it’s goal. Wow! So cool! I was ecstatic. Other people liked this idea?! Who knew?

So, in June 2012 I got my first shipment of Climer Cards from the manufacturer. I immediately sent off nearly 200 decks to various clients. Then, the stories of the cards started rolling in. People shared stories of how they used them with their students and it shifted the feel of the entire group or how they use them at the dinner table to get their kids talking about their day. I didn’t expect them to have such an impact, but they have. If you have a story to share let me know. Your story may get selected for the website or perhaps the Climer Card book.

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At Climer Cards headquarters, we’ve been collecting stories from people around the U.S. and the world with stories of how impactful Climer Cards have been. We want to hear your story. Share it below so others can learn from your experience! Thank you!

Submit your Climer Card story

Submit your Climer Card Story

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