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Instructional Videos

Getting Started

If you are brand new to Virtual Climer Cards, start here. You can jump to the section of the video needed by referencing the time stamps below. 

You’ll learn:

0:50: How to create a new session
1:40: How to ensure GDPR and privacy compliance when facilitating with minors.
2:50: How to share a session with co-facilitators (for those with group plans)
3:20: Adding a new prompt/question
3:53: How to get the link to share with participants
4:20: How participants select an image and enter their responses
5:35: How to add additional prompts
6:42: How to end, exit, and archive a session
7:20: How to unarchive a session
7:44: How to create a draft session
8:06: How to manage, reorder, and edit prompts
8:39: How to edit or delete a prompt
8:56: How to edit session details (name, link, etc.)
9:15: How to find the unique link or code to share with participants
10:10: Selecting different decks of cards
11:15: Uploading your own decks of cards

Types of Sessions

Learn the difference between three types of sessions in Virtual Climer Cards: Active Sessions, Draft Sessions, and Archived Sessions. 


Adding Facilitators

If you have a Team, Education, or Enterprise Account you have the option of adding additional facilitators (users) to your account. Once added, facilitators can share sessions for co-facilitating and share custom decks. 

This video explains how to add additional facilitators (users). 


Comparing Features

Not sure which plan is best for you? This video explains the different features of Virtual Climer Cards so you can pick the perfect plan for you.


  • Active versus Draft Sessions
  • The different decks available
  • Uploading your own decks


All accounts come with a 30-day free trial and you can upgrade or downgrade as needed. 


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